The two of us, in June 2012.

Hi!  Welcome to Freedom Louisiana!  My name is Michael and Christine Cornwell. Freedom Louisiana seeks to progress the cause for freedom through individual and community resilience based out of the great state of Louisiana. This website will dedicated to finding and understanding resilience through whatever forms it may present itself whether that is through Permaculture or elements of the Modern Survivalism movement. Our blog posts will reflect those values.



Bush, LA

We live on our homestead located in South-Eastern Louisiana on the outskirts of Bush in St Tammany Parish. On our 8.5 acre homestead we are in the process of creating a Permaculture designed homestead incorporating as many diverse functional elements as possible, with some focus on local varieties.

The wife and I are both certified Permaculturists and are looking forward to increasing our own, and our communities resiliency.

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