What has been going on and some words of inspiration

Ok, so its been awhile since I’ve really written some good articles, and really dabbled in pushing the boundaries around the homestead and especially on the page. This most certainly requires quite a bit of explanation. Have I just fallen off the map and lost my way, and have decided to sit on the couch doing nothing all day? Hardly. People who know me, know that I’m always up to something, and know that I’m always adjusting course depending on the winds of direction I’m feeling.

So beginning May 1st I have begun on a pathway that has irreversibly changed me, and has drastically changed the trajectory of my life. I started having a conversation with an internet friend of mine over email about his conversation with a wealthy business person who made him realize he needed to think much bigger.

This conversation dovetailed with a class that I took on this software development class website called Plural Sight. I can’t recommend this website enough (even if your company doesn’t pay for it, I’d most certainly pay for it, and take as much of the classes as you can). A brand new class had came out called “Becoming an Outlier: Reprogramming the developer Mind”. I thought it was going to just be on a course of how to rethink about being a developer. Nope, not really. It was a course on how you can actually get what you want in the world, you’ve just got to be willing to stop being scared, be willing to risk a little, and stop making excuses. Naturally I relayed the information I was learning in this course to my friend.

This conversation evolved and eventually he showed me the website londonreal.tv which I have heard of before, but never went to it before. After watching one episode I was hooked. Not just on the show, but on certain guests. I’ll never forget the first episode I watched. Dan Pena the author of “Your first 100 million”. I have listed 4 videos that are must watches.

Dan Pena
Peter Sage
Brad Burton
Dorian Yates
Tim Ferris

These videos were just the beginning. My internet friend sent me The Millionaire Fastlane. I read this book and could not put it down. All of these videos, interviews, books, and research I have done has been an absolute personal whirlwind, of personal introspection, humility, confidence building, expanding my horizons, and realizing the things I always knew in life, have said, but didn’t take to heart nearly like I should have.

The level of introspection I have had in the last month and 11 days, has been paralleled during any of the rest of my life, even though I definitely say that the last 5 or so years have been in deep introspection. I do not say this lightly either. These things couldn’t have come at a more synchronous time as I’ve felt like I’ve started hitting some plateaus in my life. Sure I’ve accomplished a lot of things in this last year, (in my part time work), but, I realized its just the start on a much much bigger journey for me and any of those who are willing to come along for the ride.

I have never, ever, never, been negative about entrepreneurs or business (you won’t see me caring too shits about 1% conversations), but I should say I have learned something I never really knew on any level. And that the most important thing you can do in your life is give. No this isn’t some fly in the sky thing, but so many of us (myself deeply included) really just think about ourselves, whats in it for me, so much so that we actually prevent ourselves from seeking out opportunities to network and do things for others. I’ve come to truly realize the number and magnitude of helping others always returns itself in spades. I have also really realized that when you chase something you’ll never catch it, which often people try to chance security, money, stability, certainty, and happiness. You don’t arrive at ANY of these things by chasing, you arrive by being aware at what creates those conditions and how your perceptions really matter. I won’t spend much more on this since there are other things to discuss.

So I’ve looked myself and realized I have much more potential so what right? What am I actually DOING? Well, first and foremost, Bonnie Blue Nursery is officially on hold. I realize the amount of time and dedication one needs to go towards a nursery, especially of the type I would like to be a part of, and time is not something I’m willing to put in right now. Time is the MOST precious thing we have in our lives, and choosing how we spend our time is clearly the most important thing we can do.

I’ve decided that I am going to start a business (initially it seems in my personal time) that will get my feet wet. My initial goal is to make at least per month as my student loans cost. By a business I don’t mean replacing my employer with just me working for myself for 40 hours a week. The eventual goal is passive income streams that will allow me to put off the pressures of money so I can focus on creating the highest quality solutions possible, and have the ability to think about where I should spend my time and energies, to help the most amount of people possible. My aim is to eventually make, alot of money, but you don’t make 100 million dollars before you make 1 dollar. There is only one way to really test yourself out with these things and that is jumping in the pool, so I’m looking at jumping in the pool as quickly as I can and forcing my self to swim. Once my student loans are paid off, its on like donkey kong. If before the loans are paid off, I feel comfortable that I can every month pay them off with the passive income streams I have generated, then “on like donkey kong” will come even further and I’ll do this full time.

I am ready to start riding life, rather than life riding me. I realize that I am the only real obstacle preventing myself from ultimate happiness (I am actually already pretty happy), and the true wealths of life (real freedom) and I seek to continually make the changes necessary for me to be able to see the way forward. I’m not sure what this will currently mean for Freedom Louisiana, I’ll keep updating as it makes sense, but I will update everyone of my newest ventures as soon as they’re something to really report on. I am launching a new website here soon, I just need to finish up some final things. Very very very basic, and just getting it out there to start putting myself out there and making contacts, to see if this is the opportunity I’ve been looking to start with.

2 thoughts on “What has been going on and some words of inspiration

  1. Insidious

    This got me thinking about the difference between unconsciously doing, and consciously doing.

    If we’re going to make the best use of our time and energy (literally our life).. then at every moment we need to know WHY we’re engaging in something. As in, what is it that we consciously WANT from the thing/action.

    For example, this blog. What is the intention of this blog? What does the author want to receive in return for his time and energy? Money, adulation, experience, fame, a feeling of contribution?

    There might (and should be.. stacking functions) a mix of motives, but there should be one clear primary motive that can be used to determine if this blog is ‘successful’.. as in returns to its author what he wanted to receive for his time and energy.

    So for every thing we’re engaging in, we need to be able to answer: ‘My intention in doing this is to receive x in return’ so that we can measure the success of our efforts against that intention.

    This allows us to adjust our efforts if they’re not to successful, or to realize, and abandon efforts we’ve begun to engage in that WILL NOT lead to our intended outcome.

    I can see this relating to everything we do. So for a friendship, the question is, what is my goal? What do I want/need from this friendship? Entertainment, encouragement, attention? Is this friendship meeting these needs? Still?

    Ruthless honesty about what we REALLY WANT is obviously needed here. Blowing smoke up your own butt will just lead to disillusionment and unhappiness when you get what you THOUGHT you wanted.. and are left hollow and unfulfilled.

    So, I guess I’m advocating for NEVER engaging in thoughtless/default/habitual action.

    Are you starting a blog for a specific, definable reason? Or are you starting a blog because its ‘the thing to do’? Are your plans/actions moving you toward your intended result(s)? (with the obvious issue that you MUST HAVE an intended result to know)

    And seriously.. every aspect of life..

    Spouse. Intentions/goals/desired outcomes. Did that thing you just said/did lead you towards or away from those desired outcomes?




    What are you trying to do? What is it you want? Is the action you are taking RIGHT NOW leading towards or away from that?

    1. Mike

      Well said. I think I started the blog as a location to document the things that we were doing around here, and if it turned into something more than that, that’s a positive. It has certainly rallied some friends and family which has been nice.

      The next question I’ll ask myself is “why do I want to document the things we’re doing around here, online and to everyone”? That is a more meaningful thing to answer, and is probably why I’ve started pumping the breaks a bit on making sure things get up here and are looking nice. I will admits it a very nice thing to have, once its all done, because I can look back on things and show people from time to time. Let’s call it a public “journal”. People commonly use things like facebook for that, but I’d rather control the data, content, and presentation.

      I am also realizing there are a lot of things that I want to do, or can rationalize why I am “doing them” but that doesn’t mean its the best use of my time. Right now I can certainly rationalize working on the new garden we’re looking at putting in, but I’m not convinced its the best use of my time. Why? Starting 1 or 2, or more passive income systems seems like a better use of my time, so that I may free myself to be able to do much, MUCH more with my time on this planet, rather than after 2-3pm on weekdays and my weekends. (I’ve missed so many good opportunities to do things because it rained all weekend. And planning and timing with living systems, is of the utmost importance).

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