Shavin’ The Beard

Well I decided the other night to finally shave my beard (on Monday the 2nd). This will certainly come as a big shock to some of you, but you know, its really just hair. It grows back, and on me, it grows back pretty fast. In fact, looking at pictures from the past, my beard hasn’t really grown in length since at least September of last year. I wanted to try something different for a little while, so here it is. Of course you know I had a little fun while shaving it off…


As you all know me.


Now I look like a classic rock guy.


Very civil war general style.



Super long mustache.


I think I look Italian here…


All shaved.


After a haircut. Excuse the fact I look a little ruffled. I’ve been outside working.

3 thoughts on “Shavin’ The Beard

  1. Chad

    1) Mike
    2) Derek Smalls
    3) Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside
    4) Chef from the Muppets
    5) What the hell have you done with Mike???

    Haha! Looks good, man! I need to get rid of this hair of mine, but I’ve just been too lazy to do it. I’ll never get rid of all the beard, but I’m usually taking sheers to my head about once a week in the summer.

    1. Mike

      Chef from the muppets! Yes yes yes that’s it for that one.
      I was going to write Burnside but I don’t know why I didn’t.

      One reason why I had the beard is i definitely do not like shaving. Being in the Marine Corps you have to keep it against the grain smooth every single day. My face rashes up so easily if it doesn’t have hair, and then when the hairs just start to poke out (mid day). You can see in the picture where its finally shaved the redness. Obviously way more shaving than normal, but its what happens.

      I’m rocking some stubble right now and its working out for me. It also prevents me from looking like I’m 10. By the way we went to Mellow Mushroom the other day and I got carded for the first time in a VERY long time.

  2. damian maddox

    Lookin good mike! I shaved my beats 2 weeks ago. Its just too damn hot. I’ll grow it back out in November!

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