Remote Solar Powered Radio Data Logging

I finally have put together a solar powered, remote (via radio) data logging platform to finally start getting some basic data in, where I want it.

I built it using Sockit Box, a Sodaq board, a XBee Series 2 radio, 2 temperature sensors, and a moisture sensor.


First I marked out where I needed to drill for the antenna to pop out.


Drill the hole. In this case a 1/4 inch hole.


Put on the screws to lock it on.


Put on the end for the antenna.


Here it is with the antenna mounted.


Here is everything in the box ready to go. The Sodaq, everything plugged in, and its battery.


Here it is, logging away. (Note the full swale, friggin sweet everytime).


Collectin’ solar rays, and shootin’ data.

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