Finishing touches on garden swale

There has been one thing that remained with the garden swale, and that is finalizing how the water overflows at. What we have noticed is that, due to my poor planning, water overflows out the end of the swale and pools around some of my blueberries and by passes the garden completely. So I needed to lower where the sill that will go into the new garden. Here is some pictures of me testing the heights of the edges, and what the final garden path looks like after I sunk it down a few inches (removed top soil).


Making sure this is the lowest point.


Checking to make sure this is no longer higher than the path.


Doggie in the swale.


You can see how I sunk this path down.


Doggie looking out the sill.

One thought on “Finishing touches on garden swale

  1. Damian

    Post pictures of it the next time it reasons please! I’d love to see it holding and flowing like you wanted it to. Looking good

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