Cleaning up the Garden

I finally decided to get off my butt and clean up the garden. I tell you what, when you start letting the weeds and grasses take over the garden, and the walkways, you feel less and less motivated to get in there and make sure its good to go. So I spent a good portion of a sunday clearing out EVERYTHING in the paths. Now I just do a quick walk around each day with my hoe and if i see something I just do a little scraping action and its gone.


Facing West.


The main path.


Facing East. Very very nice looking now.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning up the Garden

  1. Chad

    Your place is beginning to really take shape. I know you must have a vision in your head for how everything will be and I think I might be seeing some of it now. I think in 5 years it’s going to look like a totally different place.

    1. Mike Post author

      Yeah I think you’re right. Really what we’ve tried doing is picking out elements of small systems and figure out where to place them. The plan has changed a few times, but that’s OK really. Once you put something down, you’re like “ahh you know this can work”. The biggest thing is just doing something. Once you start you’ll get other ideas to pile on top of it.

      In 1 year its completely transformed. I think in 5 years, Wow, no idea. At least for the areas currently open, most of the “major” changes have occured (but once they grow up it’ll be different). We’ve only worked on about 2 acres of the 8.5 acres we have too no less. I think we’ll work hard on the front 4 we have, and then figure out the rest later (I have some basic plans, but we’ll see).

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