Taking pictures of the homestead with the Raspberry Pi

I recently found out about the Raspberry Pi camera and knew that there would be some good uses for it here on the homestead. Both for my own knowledge and sharing on the blog / elsewhere. Using some basic scripts and a little hacking here and there I was able to get this computer/camera to automatically take pictures at regular intervals (every hour only from 5am – 8pm), automatically resize and strip all EXIF data, and send it over my home network to my desktop computer. Later I will make it so that it’ll upload a picture (one) to the blog daily so you guys can see at least a fraction of the stuff that I’m seeing.

Here is a picture of what the raspberry pi and its new camera look like.

I found a good spot to take automated pictures.

A close up. Tell me if that doesn’t look like a robot to you…

This is the kind of pictures its producing.



2 thoughts on “Taking pictures of the homestead with the Raspberry Pi

  1. Damian

    Lol. I’m sure the wife loves the duct tape on the siding. Are you going to put the camera and components in a weather proof box mounted there eventually?

    1. Mike Post author

      I actually have a monumentally better place to put it. I just need to get a different camera (that one just isn’t going to work out).

      I need to look into a camera that is controlled via usb and is water/weather proof. Also it has to be wide screen, this one is not. After that, I can whip up the rest no problem.

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