Homestead Journal #2

Well we’re finally getting some rain here. We’ve been without rain for at least 2 weeks (maybe longer) and I’ve been trying to get alot of things established, particularly seeds.

We’ve finally planted every single tree we’ve got (except one’s we’ll be raising in pots for now). Well except one pecan tree which has JUST finally started leafing out. The pecan trees we purchased from ISONs have certainly taken their time leafing out. Caddo and Pawnee leafed out about a month ago, and Eliott and Gloria Grande are just now getting on the ball. Yes, late April and just now showing a green bud.

What really got us excited is our All In One Almond has finally woken up, we thought it was dead. Nope, just had to wait long enough I guess.

I’ve got some big things that I’m working on especially now that I am not hyperventilating about putting down 100 trees. The biggest of which is I’ve picked up my Data Logging Microcontroller project that I started over a year ago. It’s something I wish I would have got going long ago, because I would REALLY be seeing the fruits of it. I will do a full post on it, with pictures here soon, when its not 930 at night…

I have also caved in and I’m getting some smart gadgets. I knew this day would come however, don’t think I’ll be carrying a IWatchamacallit around it in my pocket looking at the internet all day… Oh no oh no. I’m getting it them for one purpose only. Work. By work, I don’t mean my “work work” but I mean the microcontroller stuff and possibly even my eventual nursery. I am looking at developing applications that make use of my microcontroller data logging via a phone. Again, I’ll go into depth about this, in another blog because there is detailed enough stuff to make numerous posts about it.

It’s looking like we’ll have to cancel our re-scheduled group meet up. It seems like when you’ve finally got a plan together, “it” happens. We’ve had at least 4 groups of people cancel out on us, of which included our crawfish boiler extraordinaire. That’s life.

We’ve also been able to start focusing a little bit more time on the garden. Our garlics are looking amazing, and some are starting to bulb out. Some of the onions as well. I finally realized why a patch of them just haven’t grown nearly the size as the others. The bed they are in was my old sweet potato bed, and one thing sweet potatoes don’t need (and apparently don’t do well in) is nitrogen. I intentionally did not throw any nitrogen in those beds, and didn’t fertilize before or during the onions growing in it. Well…. I started a blood meal regiment to try and get them alive and kicking.

The goat babies are doing well and it turns out that our other goat is pregnant after all. So we’ll be doing this same goat baby thing in another month from now. Whoopie! (Meh). I definitely think that we’ll be doing “something” with the babies. We got very lucky and got two beautiful girls, maybe this time we’ll get at least one boy… that way we can get a little meat in the fridge next winter!

2 thoughts on “Homestead Journal #2

  1. Paul

    Greetings from central Florida! I was born and raised in Slidell, LA and will be moving back in June. I am currently taking my PDC through Oregon State University online. It is being taught by Andrew Millison and Marish Aurebauch. I was hoping to find some permits near Slidell, to meet up with, have nerd talks about plants, permaculture designs, etc. It’s awesome to see someone practicing permaculture principles in LA and sharing it! I hope our paths will cross some day – sounds like you have some awesome things going on!

    1. Mike Post author

      Cool! Yeah we should definitely do that. It’s definitely kind of hard connecting with other permaculture folks around here (theres not a lot). I think there are quite a few in New Orleans, but “Urban Permaculture” is what it is. Little different than developing an 8.5 acre homestead in the rural burbs.

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