My permaculture cover seed mixture for my swales


Tons and Tons of seeds.

So one of the things I knew needed to get done asap was covering the soil on the swales. The “soil” (if we can even call it that) is completely exposed to the sun and was drying and cracking up pretty bad. What I needed was a perennial cover crop mixture that would really take over. I decided to go full on Sepp Holzer permaculture and just throw seeds everywhere.

These are the seeds that I threw down, all of which were in bulk. (Pounds and pounds and pounds of each variety, with a heavy focus with the clovers).

White Clover
Strawberry/Palestine Clover
Red/Crimson Clover
Perennial WildFlowers (from Lowes)
South-Eastern WildFlowers
Daikon Radish
Curly Parsley
Mammoth Dill
Bouquet Dill

After seeding the berms I covered all of them with a decent dusting of this “garden mix” that we’ve been purchasing locally which really is a sandyish mulch. I watered the berms every single day for about a week and have thus far gotten excellent germination. I’m weening them off me watering them everyday so I don’t prevent them from really stretching out and making full use of the berms (which are seeming to really hold water).



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