Update On Our Medicinal Garden

Things are going extremely well with our medicinal/perennial garden. We started a bunch more of the medicinal plants from seed in beds and we’ve actually got most of them to germinate without much issue. We also planted some other edible herbs as well.


This is the full site as it exists now.


Where each little non-mulched area is, is different medicinal plants that we’ve got to germinate. We also transplanted a few we started in the tray.

The next steps are to mow down and hoe in the cover cropped bed so we can use it, we need to finish carving out the walkways (we actually spray painted where we are going to do it), we need to plant 2 dwarf mulberries and 1 more Elderberry, we are considering putting a small garden pond and are going to be putting in an herb spiral (which will look pretty awesome). I am also looking into planting a few black locusts or probably more like mimosas in between the citrus trees to start coppicing for nitrogen. Geoff Lawton permaculture 101. We still have a bunch of seeds we hadn’t gotten started that we need to get going. One step at a time…

5 thoughts on “Update On Our Medicinal Garden

    1. Mike

      No but we have been talking about it recently. I think overwintering would be the issue, but I guess you could just as easily dig up the roots and overwinter it that way.

      We went to this big Asian market down in Gretna the other weekend and were wondering if you could just buy the tumeric roots and shove them in the ground….

  1. Chad

    From what I’ve read, you can grow it from the roots just like ginger but overwintering is indeed the issue. At least one website said to just dig it up when the leaves look dead, dig up the roots and grow some again in the spring. I have some coming from amazon and I’m going to try it out.

    I had some ginger growing in a pot and this last winter obliterated it. The horseradish next to it came back though.

    1. Mike Post author

      We’ve got ginger growing. We got it from my aunt who got it from a guy who grows tons of it in raised beds. He’s growing like 50 feet of the stuff.

      We finally got some horseradish going as well. I’d say about 75-85% of the medicinal seeds we purchased we’ve got germinated and growing. I need to transplant most of the ones that were in the tray. They’re all very much ready to get out of their small little spots.

  2. Christine

    When I get home, I will plant some up in one of our biggest pots to see how it goes. Hopefully we will get enough to share then 🙂 That market by the way was awesome! Definitely want to go back soon as possible. I think Michael must have forgotten that I bought some…

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