The Lemon Tree’s Recovery


What more do I need to say? This is one badass lemon tree. It actually looks a million times better than anybody else’s citrus around here.

6 thoughts on “The Lemon Tree’s Recovery

    1. Mike Post author

      That really stinks. Are there no leaves on it at all? Our lime tree is just now starting to sprout leaves, unlike many of the other citrus.

  1. Jose Garcia

    Mike, do you think your lemon tree it will bear fruit? I have a lemon tree that took a beating and it’s barely growing leaves. I doubt it will flower and set fruit.

    1. Mike Post author

      I was very unsure at first, but no questions asked, its going to. I greatly underestimated this tree (although we did cover it with sheets and put a light on it). Its almost completely covered with leaves, and definitely has blooms on it. It isn’t chock-a-block full of lemons, but definitely a good bit.

      The satsumas have insane numbers of blooms on them. We’ll have to do thinning for sure.

  2. Christine

    You can definitely tell, the areas that had direct contact with the Christmas lights are the areas where we still had some of the old leaves and where we are seeing new pink flowers. And we have been seeing quite a bit of bee activity so we are hopeful. Definitely won’t have a full tree full like we had this winter though. More like somehwere around 20 I suspect 🙁

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