A Corollary About Cheap Plants

I have begun noticing something about “cheap plants” (don’t cost as much to you). I find that when you buy cheap plants you end up doing the most amount of thinking and work, perhaps to make up in their cost. As I’ve gone along I have found myself time and time again spending the most amount of time mentally and physically on the cheapest plants that I’ve purchased. Here are some examples.

Key Limes from Lowes:
We purchased 2 key limes from Lowes that were burnt from some frost. They were 10 dollars a piece. We already have a lime that was very burnt over this winter and I haven’t been trying to get too involved with too cold sensitive of plants. Well, since these guys were 10 dollars I’ve been thinking outside of the box on where to place them. We espeliared the one against the workshop, and we’ve been thinking about trying to plant one underneath a much larger tree to give it some frost protection (to see if it works). We are thinking our big live oak (keeps its leaves in the winter). If that ends up working out, that will definitely say a lot about tree design.

We purchased two bananas. The “Ice Cream” and “Raja Puri” varieties. I have just completed the beginnings of a “Banana Circle” (post coming soon). These bananas were like 7.99 a piece from Florida Hill. To build a banana circle you basically have to dig a 6-9 foot wide pit that is 3 foot deep in the middle, shaped like a bowl. Well, I just completed that by hand and had to move about 6-9 karts full of red contractor clay out. Roughly you could say I dug the amount of dirt for maybe 10 trees, just for these two bananas. Go figure. I’m considering buying another one as well, particularly for an “insurance policy”.

I believe its possible that with cheap plants you end up pushing yourself just to “try things out” which usually requires a little bit more work and if it doesn’t work out you can at least say you tried something different. The same could be said for the seedlings I bought from the department of Louisiana. I had to pot like 20 pots with these crabapples and bald cypress trees. I am actually looking to plant quite a few of these crab apples and make a hedgerow less than 5 feet out of! That will be pretty darn cool I think.

7 thoughts on “A Corollary About Cheap Plants

  1. Chad


    Interesting, but I think I might look at it totally different. The more I pay for something, the more neurotic I get about making it work. That’s not to say that I just throw something cheap in a hole and walk away, but I stress and worry more as the dollar signs pile up. But then I’m not planting anything close to the amount that your planting so maybe there’s a different mindset that goes with that.


    1. Mike Post author

      I do the same as well but for some reason I just still spend more time thinking and working with the cheap ones. We have some semi expensive plants that, frankly I didn’t want to buy. Once stuff gets expensive I really don’t even want it, unless its something I REALLY want. Then I start stressing.

      The fact I have nut trees breaking bud and they aren’t even in the ground yet, that stresses me haha.

  2. Christine

    I dunno, I still think it is a coincidence that we are spending more time on the “cheaper ones”. As for the more expensive ones, they haven’t gone in the ground yet so we will see… Also, if you calculate in moving the drive way for all of those nut trees, then hmmm what is taking more time now?

  3. Chad

    Well, just think about how cool it’s going to be when you get it all done. On a side note – old man winter needs to take his butt down the road.

  4. Chad

    We’re definitely wet and soggy in a few areas, but nothing I’d call “flooding.” The mosquitoes are in heaven though.

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