Creating a Lime (Citrus) Espalier Using T-Posts

Since watching the Dave Wilson Nursery videos on building a Backyard Orchard I have been really digging intensively pruned and trained trees. After watching the videos we were coming up with idea after idea for Espalier trees one of which was doing one of the Key Limes we purchased discounted at Lowes for 10 dollars. (It had been burnt by a freeze). We chose up against our workshop facing West so it gets beat to death with heat and sun.


Right up against the wall.


Christine is digging out this terrible red clay so we can add a well draining soil.


Added a pine log for a “HugelKulture” like effect. Something for the tree to munch on over time and provide some fungal action going on.


All filled up. The tree is above the natural soil to keep it from getting too wet.


A nice heavy watering.



Heavily mulched to retain water moisture. (It REALLY works)


Putting in the support posts. We are using two 7 foot Tposts (on each side) and bolting them in together.


Up close of the screwed in posts.


The holes don’t always line up so you have to open them up.


Put the bolt in through the back.


We Velcroed the branches down the sides, and one going vertical.


Here is the finished product. Here soon we’ll have to add the other wires going across.

I recently purchased a Gripple “crimping / tensioning” tool for high tensile wire and we’ll be able to do this better once that comes in. Rather than tying off the high tensile wire we’ll be able to actually set it properly. I will probably come back and redo this bottom wire when I complete the rest. We’ll probably do another 2, maybe 3 rows going up.


4 thoughts on “Creating a Lime (Citrus) Espalier Using T-Posts

  1. Linda

    Very clever!
    Longwood Gardens, PA have the espaliers also.
    Although I did not know the name of this concept.
    Very impressive and excellent use of the space !
    Can’t wait to see the tree grow.

    1. Christine

      Awe of course 🙂 And yeah I found a pair of women’s gloves at home depot that I just love now! Was so hard to find a pair that fit, though what I really want are the women’s deer skin gloves they have there, though the are twice as much…

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