Intensive Tree Plantings Phase 1

I changed the dates to correctly reflect when this is going to happen.

Ok so it’s finally becoming that time to get trees in the ground.  There are 3 different locations that we will be planting a bunch of trees, of which the major one is pretty much ready to go.  We will be intensively planting about 35 trees and bushes around our eventual second garden.  I have included some pictures of the layout so you can get an idea of what we’re looking at.  Basically all bushes are spaced at 5 foot intervals and trees are spaced at 6 foot intervals.  When I mean intensive cultivation, I definitely mean it.  If you haven’t seen these Dave Wilson Nursery videos I HIGHLY recommend watching them.  The nursery puts together a demo area for how to put together a backyard/homestead styled orchard which will literally blow your mind with how simple it is, and how unbelievably dense and productive this design is.  This is what we’ll be doing. Backyard Orchard Demo



I have officially set the date as March 29th. I originally said in April, but I was completely in err on that one. If you would like to come, bring a shovel if you can (also a pair of gloves is probably a good idea).

If you have a hay/mulch/manure fork that might be useful as well to move around wood mulch.  I suspect this project will actually go pretty quickly.  Between Christine and I we can put in a tree no problem in about 15 minutes.

3 thoughts on “Intensive Tree Plantings Phase 1

    1. Mike Post author

      When I watched the videos a few days ago, I was glued. Plans started changing immediately and I was completely and totally blown away.

      Once I saw how easy it was for him to maintain it (a few seconds per tree twice a summer, with about a minute or so per tree in winter) I was sold. Nobody wants to get tied down maintaining something, but when its like a year of food sure. A garden is much much worse and produces significantly less food. (The weeding and mulching we’re doing right now is ridiculous)

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