Comparison of Mail Order Blueberries


Having received all the blueberries that we are starting with I definitely feel the need to discuss what you’re actually getting from various sources online for blueberries. The differences between the places that I have purchased is extremely stark in contrast, so I think these things are worth pointing out, so you may decide a bit more informed with what you’re actually getting, and what you may want.

The places that I have purchased blueberries from are:
Grow Organic
Stark Bros



All of the ISON blueberries. Note: None of these came in pots, I just re-potted them because they weren’t going in the ground immediately.

The first thing I’ll say about Isons is their plants are generous in size. This may or may not be what you’re looking for (perhaps you want to start them much smaller and grow them yourself). On the website it says they are 8.95, 2 foot tall, 2 year old bushes. The ones I received were at LEAST 2 foot tall.

We actually caught them when they had some on sale and purchased some for 6.95! You can also note that they offer bulk discounts if you purchase quite a few at a time. I have technically seen much better deals with bulk orders, but those were less of retail sites and more for “nursery stock” (but there is no reason you couldn’t do that as well).

The plants came with generally about 3×3 – 4×4 inch of soil and roots, which isn’t too bad, but I might have figured they’d come with a little bit more roots on them than that. This might indicate it would be good to actually trim the bushes down when putting them in the ground.



Here is a comparison with our “Standard” size.







All of the Grow Organic blueberries we purchased.

Good ol’ grow organic. I have spent so much money here in the last year. I have such mixed feelings about them. They are a fairly large company, and their diversity is all over the place depending on what you’re buying. I will save a review for the company for another time, but I will say that in general their plants are cheaply priced. The blueberries were 7.99 each which is about the average price one can expect to pay for blueberries. They also had a number of varieties that I had read about and was interested in as well. Interestingly enough between all the companies I purchased from there really wasn’t much overlap in varieties, which makes it quite nice when you’re trying to get as many varieties as possible.

The plant sizes from Grow Organic are about what you might expect. They are a tad on the small size (compared to Isons they’re extremely small) but they’re not as small as StarkBros. I think in general they’re just more or less what you might expect when purchasing blueberries online.


Comparison with the “Standard Size”. They’re about even.


Sunshine Blue





The four plants I purchased from Stark Bros.

Stark Bros I believe is normally considered to be a great place to purchase plants from. I ended up not getting much from them other than asparagus and Blueberries. The company isn’t a Southern Company, and therefore doesn’t have an amazing southern specific list of plants. While the size of the crowns of Asparagus I purchased are unbelievably big, I can’t say the same about their blueberries.

They had many of the common classic Southern High-Bush blueberry varieties but the price for them is 11.99. This is considerably more expensive than any other place that I had looked. The other thing that I noticed was the size of the plants that you receive. They’re VERY small. Upon examination of the roots, they are extremely root/pot bound, which indicates to me that they have some very healthy roots, but the pots they put them in are just way too small.


Comparison with the “Standard” size, notice how much smaller these are.

Because of the price and size of plants you receive, I can’t recommend them very highly, however, I will reiterate that one may WANT smaller plants. In my case, I was willing to make the purchase because I wanted these varieties and I know the company is a good company.


Pink Lemonade




All Together


Left: Ison, Center Left: “Standard”, Center Right: Grow Organic, Right: Stark Bros.

Well hopefully that is some helpful information for purchasing Blueberries from these mail order dealers. I don’t necessarily think “bigger is better” but I’m certainly mindful for how much I pay. With Ison you’re getting solid 2 year plants, Grow Organic you’re probably getting a 1 year old, and Stark Bros, a less than one year plant (it looks like).

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