Start those sweet potato slips!

Now is the time to start those sweet potato slips for us down in the Louisiana and Gulf area. You’re supposed to start them around 6 weeks before planting (after the last frost date). While the last frost date around here is in about 2-3 weeks, there is no way in hell I think that’s a good time. (Maybe planting a few early ones).

Last year (a warmish winter) we had a frost the first week of April, and I’m expecting something similar this year. 6 weeks gives me plenty of time to get past even a late frost. Apparently the wisdom around here is “plant after Easter”. Well this year Easter is April 20th, so that is about 5 weeks away.

If anybody wants some slips who lives locally let me know and I can grow you some! I have 4 sweet potato varieties.

If you don’t know how to start sweet potatoes here is a link that explains it in full. Its TOO easy not to do.

Sweet Potato Slips

Also here are some pictures of me doing mine.


Put some tooth picks in them to hold them in a jar. Note that I cut the bottom off leaving the top stem (where the slips start from) at the top.


This is how they’re sitting in the jar before putting water in.


Left: Beauregard, Center: Purple Sweet Potato, Right: Vardeman (Bushing)

I highly recommend the vardeman variety. I just can’t recommend that one enough. Here is a picture last year of them happy and healthy in the bed.

Sweet Potatoes

Note how they completely take up the space evenly rather than having running vines.

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