The Rooting Power of Willow

If you didn’t know it already, you can take it from me, the rooting abilities of Willow are unbelievable.  We have attempted to root a lot of different things here, with some good success, but none so well as willows.  My mom had a small coppiced willow tree outside her house that I wanted to take some cuttings of so I could get a willow tree or two down here.  I cut a bunch of 1-2 foot long cuttings from the fresh ends (which were very dormant up in Arkansas) and threw them in water.  I figured a couple would make it out of all that I picked.

Within a day or two the willows sent out roots (all of them) and within a week they broke bud and they’re growing quick.  I even cut one of them in half to make it shorter, and well… that’s another willow tree.




No wonder this guy is used as rooting hormone, just look at it!

2 thoughts on “The Rooting Power of Willow

  1. Chad

    Well, I did not know it was used for root hormone! Just googled it – very interesting! I’ve learned something. Thanks!

    1. Mike Post author

      Yeah its pretty impressive stuff. Willow is like a goto for permaculturists for like a million and a half things. Like I was saying a lot of people just coppice them every year rather than growing some big ass trees. Those are definitely nice too.

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