Removing a Gravel Driveway (Part 1)


So one of the very first tasks with putting in our front yard food forest, is removing the gravel driveway. The gravel driveway circle, while making it easy for the UPS man, is an absolute waste of space. If you’ve ever seen it or driven around it, you’ll realize how absolutely retarded it was to put it in. It goes out way too far, and you end up wasting time even going around it. Originally we were going to replace this area with a pond, but we’ve decided to remove the circle, put in some swales (with an excavator) and finally plant a dense tree/edible hedge in our front yard. Eventually we’ll be looking at replacing the driveway as well and rerouting that through the northern part of the property so that the house will have a lot more privacy.

I should also say the design for this is going to include having a grassy area in the middle so that the goats and other animals will have some grazing space.


I honestly had no idea how I was going to accomplish this task. I was discussing it with a friend of ours and he suggested using his tractor and a box blade. So I figured “certainly can give it a shot”. After one afternoon of work, I’ll say that it actually worked pretty darn well, and we’ll be looking at getting a bobcat to move the gravel and get up any of the remaining bits.









The goats were watching me, ignoring me (to eat), and were running away the whole time.

It took me quite awhile to get a groove going and figure out what I was going to do. What I eventually settled on was pushing as much of the gravel as I could off of the driveway (onto the near by grass) into piles. I would then drag the box blade behind to get the compacted stuff. Once I figured out that backing up and pushing the rock is about a million times better and easier to move around, things REALLY started to take shape.




I was satisfied at how things were turning out once I finished earlier. I need to move the goats out of the way and start to consolidate some of the piles and try to push them more together. I believe we’ll be doing the Bobcat this Saturday, so this project may be finish by the weeks end!
Oh and by the way, this is the first time I’ve ever worked with a tractor before. Hah. We went to a Mardi Gras party in Folsom with this friend and he mentioned that we (Christine and I) were country. I laughed and said “don’t tell her that because she’ll get pissed.” He replied, “Dude you have goats in your front yard”… Well, now I can say I’ve ran a tractor in my front yard around my goats… so yeah I guess so.

4 thoughts on “Removing a Gravel Driveway (Part 1)

  1. Frank

    Great read and informative. I will be trying the same thing on our driveway soon. Glad to see that your first tractor experience was a success. The bobcat should be a useful and efficient addition to the project.

    1. Christine

      Awe thanks, yeah I guess I shouldn’t get worried about labels. Its funny, at the PDC, it felt like we were weird crazy survivalists while when I go to work, sometimes I feel like a silly hippie saying we have goats and go the the farmers market every weekend.

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