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Farmer’s Favorite UC 157 from Grow Organic

So one of the things that we’ve been planning on putting in is plenty of perennial veggies. Living in Southern Louisiana doesn’t lend itself to grow Rhubarb so we’re going with Jerusalem Artichoke and Asparagus. Since these veggies are the gifts that keep on giving we’ve decided to shell out quite a bit to get more than we can possibly eat. (The more the merrier right?) I ran into a friend at Lowes the other day while buying the materials to make asparagus beds and when he found out I was going to plant asparagus, I told him “No seriously, we’re not f’ing around”. This was followed by informing him we had purchased 74 Asparagus crowns.

Varieties We’re Trialing

Giant Jersey Knight
Purple Passion
Farmer’s Favorite UC 157

Building The Beds

I decided to go with building ceder beds. Unless you buy the wide boards, the price at Lowes is fairly reasonable. I decided to purchase “4 inches” (3.5 inch) boards and combine them together. For this project I purchased 4 * 4′ x 12′ boards, and 10 * 4′ x 10′ boards. The 12′ boards would be cut into 3 foot sections to create beds that were 10 foot long and 3 foot wide. These beds would be able to accommodate 16 asparagus each if they were placed at 1.5 foot distances. Not too spread out and not too tight.


Here is all the purchased lumber.



I’m cutting to length the 12′ boards.


Got the bottom built. I used these roughly 8 inch 2”x6” pine as stabilizers. They were scrap wood from building the saw horses.



From another angle.

Note in the next picture that soil is tilled up. We broad forked down 14 inches below the soil and loosened it up.


Everything put together. (Note I have been working on this in my evenings)


Time to plant. We put mixed up a bunch of top soil we purchased with home grown and store bought composts.


We went a tad shallower than some places recommend. We wanted the crowns to stay out of the lower heavy clays. We planted these at about 6 inches deep.


All done!


Well that is one bed down. I am about 50% done cutting the remaining wood (doing it all at once now that I have a plan), and then I’ll need to assemble the beds, mix the soil in, and plant.

If you have a keen eye on the math you may be wondering, what are you going to do with the other 10? Well we’re going to plant them in the front medicinal garden!

8 thoughts on “Building Asparagus Cedar Beds

  1. Linda

    Awesome Blog !
    Very clever and beautifully built beds !
    I know where you can get some cedar logs,
    Our back yard and the neighbors here in Virginia,
    Should we mail them to you ? (Ha ! Ha !)
    Christine, your father and I are impressed with your gardening endeavors,
    And he wished you started sooner, (like helping him years ago 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Christine

      I know, I wish we had some of those 😀 I was brainstorming though when I saw your comment, what about if dad used them to help terrace the garden. It would last a long time and be a good use.

    1. Christine

      Yeah he definitely needs a haircut… otherwise it might be more obvious what he is. As a side note, he is also huge for scotties, normally they are supposed to be at their biggest 25 lb, not 35…

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