Unboxing of plants from ISONs


Got the first shipment of plants in today. Apparently some of the plants were “backordered” (No idea what that means yet). Obviously I am not ready to plant everything so I had to take some actions to store the plants till I’m ready to plant them (in about 3-4 weeks).


The plants I got on this first order were:
Pecan Pawnee
Pecan Gloria Grande
Pecan Caddo
Pecan Elliott
Pineapple Guava
Currant Crandall Black
Currant Red Lake
Currant Josta Berry
Jujube Li
Jujube Sherwood
Pomegranate Wonderful
Blueberry Brightwell
Blueberry Climax
Blueberry Ochlockonee
Blueberry Premier


Here is the box opened up. The shipping was relatively decent. They were packed in the gel like substance that keeps bare rooted plants quite moist. It looks like melting ice (but its a gel).



Heeling The Trees

Since I am not planting the trees right now I needed a way to store them. The best way that I have read about is what is called “heeling” the trees. Effectively you dig a ditch and plant the trees so that they’re laying down (so they don’t get blown around). So you’re burying their roots to keep them moist, but not actually planting them. I chose a location that doesn’t get the most amount of sun, and was relatively out of the way.


Stripped the Sod


Sized up the deeper section for the pecans.


Here is the ditch fully dug out and the plants in position.


Completed! I watered it heavily so that the roots don’t dry out.

3 thoughts on “Unboxing of plants from ISONs

    1. Mike Post author

      I got most of the process of removing the driveway done, it should be done on saturday. Once that happens maybe the weekend after we’ll get the excavator and go to town. Once I get that excavator I’ll set a date and send it out to everyone!

    2. Christine

      Yay, hopefully it will be fun. I haven’t figured out yet what to make for it (food-wise), let me know if you think of something. Could always make a big pot of gumbo or some such.

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