Plant List For 2014


So we have quite a number of projects that we’ll be doing here in the Spring. We’re looking at putting in a small orchard/hedge, a new large “english style garden” that is surrounded by fruit trees, we’re looking at putting in that southern hedge using bamboo with trees behind it, and a bunch of other things.

Other than a handful of species (some we’re getting online with one more purchase and the other we’re going to get locally (maybe this weekend)), this is the current plant list that has been purchased and on its way.


The majority of these are 1 plant per variety, except 2 walnuts, 30 autumn olives (got them in bulk). I will keep updating this list as we get the new plants/order them. (I should note these are not including the citrus and 2 figs that we planted recently.)

Type Variety Qty
Apple En shimer 1
Apple Anna 1
Apple Gala 1
Almond Seaside 1
Almond All-in-one 1
Autumn Olive Autumn Olive 20
Banana Ice Cream 1
Banana Rajapuri 1
Blueberry Jubilee 1
Blueberry Emerald 1
Blueberry Jewel 1
Blueberry Sunshine Blue 1
Blueberry Sharp Blue 1
Blueberry Brightwell 1
Blueberry Climax 1
Blueberry Ochlocktonee 1
Blueberry Premier 1
Blueberry Powderblue 1
Blueberry Tiftblue 1
Blueberry Vernon 1
Blueberry O’Neal 1
Blueberry Misty 1
Blueberry Pink Lemonade 1
Blueberry Sweetheart 1
Citrus Key Lime 2
Cherry Montmorency 1
Cherry Stella 1
Currant Blanka 1
Currant White Imperial 1
Currant Slitsa 1
Currant Cherry Red 1
Currant Rovada 1
Currant Wilder Red 1
Currant Consort 1
Currant Crandall 1
Currant Red Lake 1
Currant Josta Berry 1
Elderberry Korsor 2
Elderberry John 1
Elderberry Adams 1
Guava Nikita 1
Guava Pineapple Guava 1
Jujube Li 1
Jujube Sherwood 1
Loquat Loquat 1
Mayhaw Mayhaw 3
Mulberry Dwarf 5
Mulberry Pakistan 1
PassionFruit Florida Home 1
PassionFruit Fredericks purple 1
Peach La Feliciana 1
Peach La Festival 1
Pecan Elliott 1
Pecan Pawnee 1
Pecan Gloria Grande 1
Pecan Caddo 1
Phalsa Sherbert Berry 1
Pomegrante Wonderful 1
Raspberry Canby Thornless 1
Seaberry Male 1
Seaberry Chuskaya 1
Seaberry Golden Sweet 1
Walnut Carpathian English 2

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