This is Precisely The Reason Why I Grow My Own Food

I make no secret about why I have completely changed my lifestyle in the last 4 years. Every bit of it started with food and the realization of the ridiculousness that is put into food. (Calling it food is actually being very loose with the term food). Here is yet another example of this.

<a href=””>Subway Removes Chemicals</a>

Subway is one of the worst food places you can possibly eat. And yet people keep eating it. A. It tastes absolutely disgusting. Period. B. If there are more of these than McDonalds in a country that is extremely obese….. uhm…. connect the dots there. People aren’t obese because they “eat bad”, they’re obese and unhealthy because they eating things that AREN”T food. Obese is actually a symptom of malnurishment, not “oh they eat so much fats, salts and sugars”. No no no.

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