Perfect Charts For Pecans

So if you learn about how Pecans work you basically need the right type of pollinators close enough to do well. While this is fairly well known exactly where all of them stack up next to each other is just difficult information to find. I found a chart that has finally shed the light on this. Usually websites will only have a few pecan varieties and will say “this one does good with x”, which is a variety they sell, but not necessarily one you want. What about comparing across websites? Well here we go.

Pollination Chart

Here are some more resources that Chad provided. Awesome as well.
Another Good Chart

4 thoughts on “Perfect Charts For Pecans

    1. Mike Post author

      Adding this to the page. Awesome finds.
      Bought 4 pecans last night. Actually bought a ton of plants. Here in the next day or so i’l be buying a ton more.
      Roughly 1000-1500 dollar worth of plants.

      I need to get some updates on here, but the wife has been gone of over a week so its been super rough.

  1. Chad

    You’re a busy guy! You planting a national park over there?

    I’m sooooooo sick of this weather. Can’t wait for Spring. Wishing I had a big greenhouse to work in.

    1. Mike Post author

      It was so nice on saturday too. 72 degress outside. I got a ton of stuff done wearing just a shirt and shorts. It was nice for a change.
      I was ok with it raining all day sunday, we needed that. Since then….. meh. I haven’t done anything outside in days other than feed the goats.

      Since the wife has been gone I’ve needed to move them but I need another person to do it (here soon that might change because i’m teaching the one that doesn’t like me to eat out of my hand). Good thing is all that goat nutrients is sitting above (in height) to my garden… So bring on the rains!

      We will be planting roughly 2-3 small food forests. I should be doing some small earth works as well for one of them so I gotta go rent an excavator here soon. I am guessing at the end of the month I gotta do that… So much to do… so little time.

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