An update on the Chainsaw Mill

I keep getting behind on putting out some new good quality material on here. Things have just been out of control busy or I’ve been distracted via family coming over to visit (a good distraction).


This thing is a badass.

However after looking at everything we’re looking at accomplishing this next year, I have decided to green light getting a chainsaw mill (rather than a bandsaw mill, or nothing). Today I went and purchased a Stihl MS 660 Magnum. I have also purchased the Norwood Portamill with optional Auxiliary Oiler.


Haven’t tried it out yet but I can’t wait.

The chainsaw mill should get here in about 2 weeks, and then I’ll start actually cutting timbers! As a reminder if you guys didn’t know Jack Spirko over at The Survival Podcast offered that he would pitch in 150 dollars as an investment to the homestead for a full review of the chainsaw mill.

Thus far in order to get one of these up and going (having no equipment) one would need:

IMG_1872– A 65cc+ chainsaw (I went with a 91cc. Note: this is a very very serious chainsaw. You’re not going to be paying less than 800 dollars for a chainsaw of this power, and as far as I know, Husqvarna only makes one that is greater than 65, with stihl as the only real choice.)
– Plenty of bar oil
– Oil/Gas for the chainsaw
– A chainsaw chain that is setup in a Rip configuration. (Supposedly you’ll dull these blades quickly so you’ll need plenty of extras and to keep them sharpened)
– The Norwood Portamill
– (Bar oiler is optional, but since it can’t handle large logs and they have it, makes sense to get it, regardless)
– A ladder


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