What not to do with tools.

So I didn’t announce it on here because I’ve felt so embarrased about it, but remember that axe I went on and on about? The Husqvarna Forest Axe? Well while we were Chippin’ The Woods we lost the axe in the grass.

When I went to Ben Falk’s PDC one of the instructors talked about the importance of making sure all of your tools are visible and in good places when you’re doing foresting work. Now he was talking about that usually way up north you’re clearing trees and doing tree work while its snowing out. If you lay down your axe it might get covered in snow, and thats it! You won’t see that axe till spring as it sits under snow, or possibly leaves. Well I thought it couldn’t happen to me. Turns out, if you have long tall grasses and you throw one of these bad boys down, “fogit about it”.

We got my uncles metal detector out there, found nothing, we moved every single wood chip pile only to find nothing. Well I put up a new fenced in area for the goats and look what turned up 2 full months later…



I sprayed the head with WD-40, used a stiff metal brush to scrape it, then wiped it with a cloth. And voila it was good as new. I sharpened it up today its ready to get back into service. I’ll be used to provide the goats with more brush.

2 thoughts on “What not to do with tools.

  1. Chad

    Don’t sweat it. I have a friend who laid his chainsaw down in the grass, then got on his tractor and ran over it with a bush hog about a half hour later.

    Hell, it took me two hours the other day to find my rake that I leaned against a tree.

    You know what they say – when your memory goes, forget it!

    1. Mama

      I love to hear/read stories about humanism. I was already laughing at Mike’s ax story and then you offered the tractor and chainsaw. Laughing out loud.


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