Another Good Fruit and Nut Resource

So here is another resource I came across that is quite good to go. It lists tons and tons of bushes/trees that the home grower could pick from for “warm temperate” locations. I basically think that would mean from Northern Virginia down the east coast, most/all California, and the southern regions.

Grow Fruit & Nuts in the Home Garden in Warm Temperate Areas

I browsed through the whole list and was pleasantly surprised on some of them, others not so much. This website confirmed that my aspirations of growing hazelnuts, just isn’t realistic at all. If you live in 1000-1200 chill hour range you’re probably good to go. (Although this year I might be good.. HA). Basically anywhere where you can grow most apples/tart cherries you can grow Hazelnuts.

I also noted the Macadamian nuts. Apparently they’re easier to grow than I thought.

Through the links on this website I also found this one.
California Rare Fruit Growers

This should provide some good info as well.

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