Pictures of The End of 2013

Well this is going to be a short picture post. It is now the end of 2013. We had a great time last week with Christine’s parents and her twin sister. We finally got the goats (I’ll do a separate post detailing that) and have all around enjoyed the last few weeks as we come to a close of 2013. Tonight we will go with my uncle to Five Lakes Bush, Louisiana for the annual Explorer Scouts fish fry. (Explorer scouts are similar to boy scouts). We went last year and ate some darn good food, so yeah we’re going again this year.

Well here are a few recent pictures we took. The first is our amazing lemon tree. The 2nd one, we went to the swamps that are south of New Orleans, the 3rd is when we went to New Orleans (same day as the swamp trip) and the last few are the new goats.

Enjoy and have a great new year.


Oh the lemons from our Meyer Lemon tree are amazing. Billions of them. We wanted to get lemons that were hanging low and were touching the ground and under the grass, and ended up pulling at least 100 lemons just around the base alone.



We went to the swamps south of New Orleans and had a blast. Very awesome trip. Now we just need to go in the spring time when everything is in bloom and showy. It was a good nature identification walk.



A Corn Cob fenced inn on Royal Street in New Orleans. I can’t remember exactly what the name of the inn is but its hard to miss.




What a ridiculously candid photo. I think the one on the left is actually just munching on something because its not like she made any noises.


3 thoughts on “Pictures of The End of 2013

  1. Chad

    Love them goats! Gotta get me some one of these days. Lemons look good! Dude, I planted 8 trees today and I’m beat. They caught me off guard because the didn’t tell me when they shipped. I thought it would be later but nooooo! I was in the middle of finishing a pallet fence for our herb garden and UPS drove up. Anyway, got it done with my wife’s help and I’m sure I’ll be snoring by midnight. Do I know how to show a girl a good time on New Year’s eve or what?

    You should stare at the goats and try to kill them with your mind.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Mike Post author

      Awesome!! I figured we be in a similar situation. What you can do with bare root trees is just dig a small trench (enough to cover the roots while they’re laying on their side) and cover them up till when you’re ready to plant them. Basically keeping the moist and cool. That’s what we’ll end up doing because there is no way we’d be able to handle so many bare rooted trees.

      We need to actually get on this one because its about that time… I found a Baton Rouge nursery that actually carries some of the plants I’ve been looking at. Pinapple guavas, Avacados, etc. Having the aunt go check them out for me since its right down the road from her.

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