Makin’ Dat Cajun Hamburger Helper and Some Cajun Cooking Tips


So I was going to do an update on the garden and what not, but I ran out of daylight while cutting down some trees, so I figured I would share our latest concoction.  I said I would be sharing some of our Hamburger Helper secrets so here we go with a new Cajun one that came out quite good. The same basics apply: brown grown beef, add seasonings, pasta and liquids, bring back to a boil, reduce temperature, cook for 14 minutes, add roughly 8 oz of cheese, stir, and then serve. Voila. This time around we added many more fresh ingredients and very different seasonings than normal.


1. Get your ground beef.



2. Prepare your favorite cajun spices. We used some amount of all of these ingredients. We use the Frere Jean, Slap Ya Mama, and garlic powder in everything we eat.  On a side note, we also added parsley which we have found (didn’t know until we really started cooking cajun) is one of the important green spices in cajun cooking.  Also don’t forget your 1 tbs of cornstarch (GMO free preferred) and 1 tsp of sugar.  The tsp of sugar seems to be in all of the hamburger helper mixes (regardless of what Michael says :p ). 



3. Prepare the holy trinity whilst saying your favorite prayer.  The “holy trinity” in cajun cooking is celery, peppers, and onions which is quite similar to the french one from which it was derived.  Though obviously, the cajuns swapped peppers for the traditional carrots.  We have joked that for our spices, our holy trinity to make anything taste good is cayenne, garlic, and onion.  Garlic is very important for cajun cooking as well (and italian which is my other cooking love of course), even though it isn’t in the holy trinity, hence why we planted ~190 cloves for garlic this year. 




1.Brown the ground beef. 



2. Add the holy trinity, add a little salt and some spices, and cook out the water.  The celery should be diced small, and will still have some crunch which turned out to be really nice.


3. Add your seasonings.



4. Add the liquids, pasta and corn starch.



5. Stop to enjoy a beer after stiring, covering, and setting the clock for 14 minutes. 



6. Prepare some green onions to be put in at the end.  Green onion as a finishing herb is very common in cajun cooking (as far as I can tell so far).  It adds a nice fresh taste and added with some fresh parsley really livens up anything. 



7. Add the shredded cheese (we used half jack half mild cheddar cheeses). Follow up with making a silly face.



8. Recover once you know the pictures are being taken.



9. Add the green onion and enjoy!



This was one of the more unique hamburger helpers we’ve made.  One thing that could have made it better was fresh peppers; we used canned peppers from the garden.  I think the next time we do hamburger helper we’ll try to remake this Italian one we made last time.  I think next time I’m going to use a different meat, perhaps using a ground Italian sausage.  Happy eating.

2 thoughts on “Makin’ Dat Cajun Hamburger Helper and Some Cajun Cooking Tips

  1. Damian

    Do you guys get ur meats from a meat market? I never did growing up but living down where I do it’s so tastier then the crap you buy in big box stores. We used to live on HH. I’m stealing your recipe lol

    1. Mike Post author

      Other than bacon and sausage (Because we don’t really have a vendor) we get every single meat we eat from the farmers market. All chicken, shrimp, beef (we bought half a cow from somebody at the farmers market) and even recently duck! I’ve given our market a little crap at times, but you know, every vender there is a very small scale local person who has stellar family produced products.

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