Wood Chippin’ The Woods

So we finally were able to rent a large 6inch wood chipper from Home Depots last weekend. The wife and I busted our butts to say the least from 1030 till dusk (530) with only about a 20 minute break for lunch, and for an hour and a half in the morning before returning it. We got extremely close to doing the entire cleared area but about 30 feet remains.

I definitely recommend that if you have any wood chipping to do, spring and get the 6 incher. We were putting entire 30 foot trees in there that were 5 inches in diameter and it would eat if for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This machine was a BEAST.


This is basically us just starting off. Basically everything that is in the photo (and more) was chipped.



By the end this pile grew to about 5 feet tall. It’s huge.


Just friggin awesome.




We still need to take a picture of what the finished situation looks like. It looks quite nice and I can’t wait to start clearing out those trees. I think I might actually get some of that done here on Sunday. Looks like tomorrow is going to be rainy, so I’ll be in the work shop working on some wood working!

2 thoughts on “Wood Chippin’ The Woods

    1. Mike Post author

      Basically all the trees you see are going bye bye. The whole forest is currently shading my garden, and just isn’t part of any good permaculture design strategies. So I need to take down that tall canopy and replace the edge with some shorters species, perhaps up to 20 foot, and pack in some edible hedge plants.

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