Alert: Bitcoin has gone parabolic

I’m not sure how much you guys pay attention to bitcoin, but good lord it has gone completely parabolic in the last few days.


PHEW. I actually bought some bitcoin not but a few days ago and it has almost doubled in price since then. I had considered buying some more this month, but there is no way I’ll be doing that with movements like this. I wouldn’t doubt for a moment we’ll see prices drop like a rock like they did in April this year. That would be a good buying opportunity. I mean If you bought in April (I was so closed to buying after the price bottomed out) and sold right now… wow. Talk about a return.

I should have that bitcoin in my possession tomorrow, and if so, I’ll definitely be selling some, or all of it and buy it on the price back up.


4 thoughts on “Alert: Bitcoin has gone parabolic

    1. Mike Post author

      I was trying to get a MT Gox account, but I’ve already decided I’m not going to even bother, seem like way too much of a pain in the ass. I’m actually quite furious about my transaction because it was with coinbase and they canceled my transacation at the last few minutes (along with many other people on reddit apparently). So I’m trying to contact them to fix the situation. As of right now, I don’t have any bitcoin. So naturally I’m a little upset that I bought over 100 dollars less than it is now, and I can’t sell it.

    1. Mike Post author

      Really? Holy shiz. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. But I am.

      I think I’d be willing to trade silver for bitcoin for sure. How about you email me off line here if you’re looking to make a deal. =)

      Right now I’m still being fucked by coinbase, its 100% soured my attitude on this run on bitcoin. Its basically like I was getting ready for a race they say go and I fell flat on my face right out of the gate, and I just look up and its just completely left me behind. Why by some bitcoin when its already double what I paid for it? That seems stupid. (But now i’m sitting completely out of it). I just wanted some bitcoin, not for the price to shoot to the moon. I actually wanted to start collecting a little here and there. At 400 dollar a bitcoin there is not “little here little there”.

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