The Quick DIY WorkBench Project



Getting ready to turn the bench up right.

I have a giant workshop, but barely anything in it that can help with projects. There are so many projects that we have talked about getting into, to include starting woodworking. The biggest thing I have been missing is a work bench, to include a vise, for just about anything. As part of the larger event going on here at the homestead, we need a bench, to hold a vise, to use to maintain a logging saw, that will be used to clear over-story trees this month. So now that I’m wrapping up clearing the understory brush all the other pieces need to be in place in order to finish clearing some of our trees. First step, building a bench.


– Durable heavy bench for miscellaneous works
– Quick, Easy and Stable
– A large vise I can use for filing saw blades


I basically decided to use 4×4 for legs and 2x4s for beams with a plywood top. I wanted to make this bench as fast as possible but still something usable so I didn’t want to get too into joinery. I decided to go with attaching the beams to the posts with mending plates. I attached the plywood just by screwing it on top.


I ripped an 8 foot plywood into a 30 inch wide section.


I cut all the lumber to size.


Here I am just kinda sizing it out (nothing is attached).


Here is one assembled side.


Christine is holding everything so I can hammer it.


Here I am putting the last nails in.


Unboxing the vise I bought at Lowes. I really didn’t have many options, so I got the only thing that would possibly do the job.


Here is all the wood completed. The vise on the end there isn’t mounted yet.


Here is the bench completely finished. (Ignore our pile of boxes, the workshop is a lot more organized than it looks)


Note on the side I added a power strip underneath the bench.


Over-head view.


Well that’s it. I’m glad that everything turned out well. It has worked out great thus far and is extremely sturdy. I’m also glad everything worked out well considering it was something I just kinda came up with adhoc. I am looking at possibly adding a bottom shelf to the bench as well. Eventually I will be looking to build another real woodworking bench, so this is the first step in that. Here is the one that I am looking at making, possibly in the spring. Edit: I realize that I didn’t even mention that I cut everything with hand tools except the plywood. I would have done that but I didn’t have my Disston Ripsaw in yet, the next time I need to rip plywood, I’ll be doing that by hand as well.

5 thoughts on “The Quick DIY WorkBench Project

  1. Damian

    Awesome again Mike! Since you’re doing everything with hand tools your great grand kids can say “my great grandfather built everything with his bare hands!!!”

    1. Mike Post author

      That is actually part of the idea. I’d really like to get some of this stuff done as quickly as possible to get production going but you know, I think I’d become more attached and connected with my land if I did it by hand. Especially if it really doesn’t take that much longer. “Oh i paid a bunch of lackies to do everything for me.” Wow… my hero…

  2. Chad

    I like your workbench. That’s on my list as well. It helped to see how you did it.

    By the way, we’re practically neighbors – same general area anyway. We live near the Pearl River navigation canal.

    1. Mike Post author

      Yeah I’ve been meaning to make a workbench for forever and a day. I mounted a miter box to it to do miter sawing and its working out pretty well. The next thing I’ll be building is a bench that is lower for things like assembly or planning. (Basically a woodworking bench, but can be used for other things).

      That’s pretty cool that you live right down the road! Yeah Pearl River is probably about 20/30 minutes right down the road.

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