FL At the Honey Island Swamp Range

The Freedom Louisiana Team and family went down to Honey Island Swamp Shooting range for quite a good time 2 weeks ago. I only took a few photos but here is Christine and I using my Saiga 12 gauge shotgun. She’s certainly getting the hang of it!


She’s still getting the hang of the AK style magazine loading.


2 shots to the left target one shot to the right.



Right down the barrel.


My turn. I’m using the larger mags.


Get some!


Thats all!

3 thoughts on “FL At the Honey Island Swamp Range

  1. Damian

    There’s just something bad ass about a woman and a gun. When my wife and I was at the range she got so much attention from the instructors. Guys were bringing over their guns for her I shoot and gaping about telling their wives she shot it so not to worry about the kick. That’s the definition of awesome. Hope you and the wife had a blast!

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