Tool Review: Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Forest Axe


The Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Field Axe from Amazon.

I have been exposed to so many new tools that I have been using, and I don’t see enough adequate reviews out there so I’m going to start reviewing things, particularly that I really like or I really dislike. One of which is becoming the tool I use every single day for what I’m doing. And that is the Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Forest Axe.

This forest axe is the first axe that I’ve owned and I was looking for something that I could use as a main tool for clearing brush and understory growth around the property. I am looking at opening up to the southern exposure in order to have a well functioning winter garden, so clearing has become my highest priority here on the homestead. I bought the axe on the above from Amazon for $68 dollars and I think its well worth the purchase.


Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Forest Axe

As you can see this is definitely smaller than a wood splitting axe.

The Husqvarana Multi-Purpose axe is almost 2 pounds and is shorter than I was expecting. I was expecting roughly an axe the size of a wood splitting axe, but not necessarily a maul.  You can see on the right just how short this axe is. After using this axe for the last 2 months I would say that this is probably the perfect size of axe for what I am doing. Its not quite exclusively a two handed axe or a single handed hatchet.

I have found myself using this axe almost exclusively for clearing except for thicker understory trees where I use a very large bow saw for. According to what I have read this axe is made by Gransfors Bruks. I have no personal way of knowing this, however, I have read in two different places that this is the case, to include a side by side comparison.

Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Forest Axe  3

The head is smaller than my hands, and I don’t have big hands.


I believe this is a quality axe. It feels extremely study and I have really laid into some understory trees some of which roughly 7 inches in diameter. I have already sharpened the axe twice, of which I think was quite easy to do, and as soon as I get some of the new sharpening stones I have coming to me, I’ll see how sharp I can get this axe. I have used this axe for a solid two months on this under growth and I estimate to date I’ve cleared roughly 8000 sqft of brush, using this axe, a bow saw, and hand pruners. I have included a photo that if you look in the background you can get a rough idea of what I’ve cleared. (it goes off to the right behind the house almost all the way to the left of the photo, and about 40 feet back).


I have cleared roughly 8000 sqft of undergrowth.

Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Forest Axe 2

Husqvarna Logo

The handle is solid hickory and its help up pretty well considering some of the awful swings that I’ve done that have banged up the collar of the axe. I’ve decided to be a little more careful with that so I can prolong the life of the handle. I noticed myself slipping a bit too much and swinging just slightly past the wood, and as you can see on this photo I’ve started the process of dinging up the head top of the handle.


I definitely would recommend this axe to another person. It has performed exactly as I had hoped and I believe will last for quite some time to come. I was looking for a quality axe when I bought this, and I know that Gransfors Bruks is top notch, unfortunately I couldn’t justify the expense, particularly when there are so many other tools that I’ve needed to get as well. I think this was a good balance for sure, and don’t regret the purchase at all. I do think, however, I will still be getting a double headed felling axe. I think when I start felling the trees you saw above, I am going to want a bit heavier of an axe to make the front face cut with, but I think even this axe could handle that as well.

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