The Book of Mormon: Review

I know this isn’t really about “Gardening”, “Permaculture” and other things, but I think its worth pointing this Musical out now that I have experienced it. The wife and I went down to New Orleans on Sunday to watch the Book of Mormon a musical by the makers of South Park (Trey Parker and Matt Stone). I will say up front that South Park is without a doubt our favorite show, and actually the only TV show we watch. (We only have 1 crappy TV and its used for vintage video gaming, so we don’t exactly watch any TV). With this in mind, I’m already coming to the review knowing that Trey Parker is without a doubt one of the best brutally fair, critical writers that I know of. The book of Mormon was definitely no exception to this.

The Book of Mormon is roughly 2.5 hours long, although it seemed much less so It was the first Musical/Theater event that I have been to so it was interesting comparing the experience with something else like, going to see a movie. No questions asked, it smoked going and seeing a movie in a theater and was unlike really any experience I have had before. The seamless and artistic transitions between scenes is something that I was quite impressed by.

But onto the content, in their typical fashion Trey Parker and Matt Stone walk the fine balance between being overly critical, and having laser sharp analysis, whilst of course having a good time. While I would not characterize myself as a religious person, I obviously come from a somewhat biased perspective on this, but I believe that any “religion bashing” is both not necessarily specific to the Mormon Church, nor anything new. Their sharp critiques seemed to mostly look at the “stereotypical Mormon”, (white, middle to upper middle class, possibly segregated from some of the grimier locations in the world, and a little “too happy”). If one knows the South Park episodes well enough, then their critiques and praises of Mormons should be pretty familiar. Roughly that the Mormons believe some fairly “wacky things”, however, that’s the nature of religion (faith) in general and Mormons tend to be overly positive and helpful community based people willing to go way beyond what many others would be willing to do to help their fellow man. The Book Of Mormon could be described as a person who has been sheltered in life learning that things aren’t so straight forward and life can be a little more difficult than some make it out to be.

In closing, I would highly recommend people going to see the Book of Mormon, although it should also be noted that the Musical is quite crass and has quite a bit of crude humor to make its point (I mean its the makers of South Park after all…)

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