If you haven’t read this Joel Salatin article, you’re wrong.

I came across this following link/article from The Survival Podcast, and I can tell you its absolutely put you in your place shocking. Everytime I think I’m not going to be shocked or surprised by things that I already know/believe, I always am.

USDA: Rural population needed not for farming but for cannon fodder

If you do not know who Joel Salatin is he is probably the most well respected Permaculture practitioner probably ever. This guy is a giant among giants and walks the walk. I don’t have enough time to spotlight (nor is this the appropriate avenue) this guy but he’s worth looking into.

This is actually from my former state of Virginia. I have for quite some time realized that Virginia is a lost state. Even when I first moved there there was a lot of things I noticed that just weren’t right. I have said from the very beginning “It could be the best state, but ends up being the worst.” Maybe I only say its the worst because of its utter potential and breathtakingly gorgeous hillside. Virginia produced effectively all of the “best” founding fathers, and was the seat of so much important American and even Western History (at least of thought). But Virginia alas, has become nothing but a giant military base and the wealthy gated residence for Washington DC.

This article shows something that I’ve always known. Democrats don’t dislike the military. I know, I know, “they’re gutting out the military” yada yada yada. I’ve heard it my entire life, and hell I’ve probably said/believed it most of my life. If democrats are generally “for big government” then how on earth can they be against the most massive public works project in the US? (the DOD). Its just further evidence showing that the “two parties” are really the same and its all theatrics. Its like the immigration “debate”. This is why big labor and “caring for workers” is quite obviously NOT the concern of “democrats” or anybody in office. Where am I going with this? Why on earth would you want to bring in and legalize allllll these new people in the country (you know the ones who work our agricultural system)? What about all these concession ideas like “hey if they serve in the military that’s a pathway to citizenship.” Ahh hah… The only stooges we can get to fill the ranks of the military are those who want to live off the government teet (people like welfare queens) and those who might be slightly desperate or weak situations (see high school students in nowhere towns, people who can’t find work or those trying to become citizens).

Lastly seems quite odd to me that you have the man in charge of the USDA talking about boosting the military…. eh?

3 thoughts on “If you haven’t read this Joel Salatin article, you’re wrong.

  1. Eddie

    NORTHERN Virginia is the wealthy gated community to D.C. The rest of Virginia, including my new residence in Spotsylvania, Shenandoah and Blacksburg aren’t bad really. The problems you mention can be said about most of our country. Are we not a “lost” nation? At least Virginia is generally peaceful, gun friendly, the folks there leave each other alone, they know how to drive, (or their license will be suspended rather quickly) roads are well maintained and the weather is mild, yet interesting every season.

    I won’t be here forever, but I could be in worse places right now.

    1. Mike Post author

      Yeah you’ve said it right about Northern Virginia. It is basically the rich side of DC….. haha. (Although Maryland has uber rich, and uber poor). Blacksburg = Northern Virginia but in the Mountains. Look at the recent election in Virginia and you don’t really need to know anything else. Like I’ve said Blacksburg is like the “Summer get a way home of Northern Virginia”.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again “Virginia could be the best state but ends up being the worst, mostly because they’ve dumped on such a good state.” Where you live the climate is mild, not so much in the South Western part haha. But if you want to get REAL mild, why don’t you come on down to where we live. Freezing a few days ago, its now 81 degrees outside. (Freakishly warm for this time). Luckily this germinated all the stuff in the garden!

      1. Mike Post author

        Oh and yes there are a lot worse places to live right now. We’ll see what it looks like if the Federal Gubmnit ever does start dumping people left and right.

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