Geoff Lawton PDC Design

Here is an abbreviated version of my final project for the Geoff Lawton PDC. These are some of the major slides as part of the slideshow I put together. There is also an accompanying word document that thoroughly explains the various aspects of design, from climate and location to the analysis that went into the zones. If anybody is interested in that I’d be willing to share via an email. Don’t really see the point in putting up here.

I definitely have not gone 100% deep dive into the entire design, and mostly stopped at a larger level mainframe design. (I see zero point in dabbling in specific species at this juncture). I am serious about this actual design, and will actually be doing a much deeper dive as I continue on. In fact I will be tweaking and really working on the zone 1 and zone 2 from now till at least midway next year (hopefully I’ll have some major implementations by then). Priorities come first, and no matter how you slice it, Zone 1 and 2 are the most important.

1 Site

2 Current

3 Summer Angle

4 Winter

5 Bad View

6 Water

7 Zones

8 Mainframe

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